What should I do next?
Hey guys, thanks for taking a look at the webform. As I've discussed in my video. I'd like to look at other content that you guys would be interested in. I have a few ideas I'd like to do but I want to see what you think.

It's only three questions so any response would be appreciated - Thank you!

Instructions: All selections are made by check box. You can select any answer you feel is applicable.
Email disclaimer: Please use a valid email address to participate. Emails will be deleted after feedback is read.
However if you've picked "Yes" to the question "Would you participate in an interview like this with Alfie?" Then I may contact you at a later date. - Ok? Ok!

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I want to talk to bass players and learn their routines, secrets, life hacks and stories. By talking to people who are good at what they do. We learn how to become better.
Would you listen to Alfie interviewing bass players in Podcast form?
Would you watch Alfie give face to face video interview with bass players?
Would you watch Alfie Skype interview other bass players?
Is it important to you the content is about famous bass players?
Would you participate in an interview like this with Alfie?
Reviewing bass equipment
I've had plans to review gear that I use. Adding another opinion to the maelstrom of YouTube videos.
Unboxing videos and reviews are a dime a dozen so I'd like to know if this interests you to hear my perspective.
Would you be interested in Alfie reviewing bass equipment?
Live streaming
In an effort to get more content out on a regular basis. I had the idea of a weekly live stream (details to be confirmed). The idea would host a live stream about rigs covered on my channel. Alternatively we can do a live discussion and talk about the stuff we find as we go.
Would you watch live streams about videos Alfie has covered?
Would you be interested in a live discussion of rigs based on the live chat?
Do you have any suggestions for Alfie?
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