Day One Accelerator
To amplify and broaden our reach, we are launching the Day One Accelerator. Please submit your idea for the Day One Accelerator here by February 6, 2020. The accelerator is an open call for ideas to existing and aspiring scientists, technologists, entrepreneurs, and anyone with a good idea, to contribute a proposal to address science, technology and innovation policy in the United States.

To formally enter your idea for consideration, please complete this form in its entirety. We encourage you to visit our webpage ( and learn about the accelerator before submitting your idea.

Feel free to reach out to our team at with any questions.
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Section 1: Share your idea
What would you propose if you had 15 minutes to pitch an idea to the President of the United States?
In 140 characters or less, share a short summary of your pitch. For inspiration, consider these pitchers from our initial cohort of contributors: "Take action to end the organ transplant waitlist, saving tens of thousands of lives and billions of taxpayer dollars" (; "Create a DARPA for health that offers a radically different approach to disease prevention, detection, and treatment"( *
How does this idea address an important challenge or opportunity? Consider addressing "why?" and "why now?" in your response. For inspiration, an example from one of our current contributors explained their challenge for action on computer science education as "The U.S. education system will only fulfill 19 percent of a projected 3.5 million domestic computer jobs by 2026, with just 45% of high schools offering computer science classes in 2019" ( *
In 50 words or less, outline your proposed solution - what actions need to happen to solve the issue you have articulated? For example, "the federal government needs to accelerate the development and deployment of dramatically improved energy-storage technologies to spark widespread adoption of grid-scale systems that can provide at least 500 megawatts of power for a week at a cost of three cents per kilowatt hour." *
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