Peachy Pings Waiting List
Due to the increasing number of individuals using third party tools and scripts to purchase our memberships then resell them at an increased price we've decided to trial a waiting list. Please fill in the form below, your answers will dictate the chances of you receiving an email with a private purchase link.

Keys must be activated on the account provided. Failure to do so will result in termination of your key WITHOUT refund. This is hereby the **terms** of the waiting list and they over-ride the terms on our website.

Your personal details are collected and will need to match up to your billing details provided on your user dashboard (If successful) otherwise your key will. be terminated.

Other important terms to note:

Peachy Pings is a digital product which gives the buyer access to a private Discord server - A free Discord account is required for this. Upon purchasing you are given access for 30 days, once these 30 days have passed you are then automatically billed for an additional 30 unless you cancel your subscription. You can cancel at any time by A) Logging into your User Dashboard and removing your billing details or B) By emailing - Your request will be dealt with within 24 hours. Once a license key has been activated it is locked to the Discord account in which it has been activated on. We do not allow the license key to be moved to any other account, under any circumstances. Your Peachy Pings subscription starts from the purchase date, and not the activation date. To get the most of your purchase we recommend activating immediately so you can utilise the first full 30 days before the next payment. If your Peachy Pings license is paused, or your payment fails, you will be alerted via Discord so you can restart your membership/update your billing details - You will have 24 hours to do this otherwise your license key will be automatically destroyed, to regain access to Peachy Pings you will need to purchase a fresh license key. We do not offer any refunds/returns due to our service being digital-based. We also do not offer support for any third party purchases except for BotBroker - We are not liable if you purchase Peachy Pings via an unknown source. By purchasing you are accepting these conditions.
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Discord Account Email Address [This MUST be the email address you use for your Discord account.] *
You can locate your account email address by launching Discord and then going to Settings. Here you will find the "MY ACCOUNT" section which features your account email address.
Delivery Email Address [This MUST be a GoogleMail/Gmail address and must match the Google account you were logged into to fill this form in.] *
Failure to provide a Gmail will result in your entry being removed. Your entry will also be removed if your Delivery Email does not match your Google Form response email.
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Your Discord User ID is 18 numbers long and can be obtained by checking the guide above. Failure to provide a correct ID will result in your entry being removed. For example Curty's is: 324973342039736321. You can check if you have copied the correct code by typing <@ followed by your ID eg 324973342039736321 and ending with > inside any Discord channel and, if correct, it'll automatically change to your username once you click send (Eg <@324973342039736321>).
Do you understand that license keys cannot be resold or activated on burner accounts - This form is strictly for those who wish to join Peachy Pings and be part of the community; Not for those who wish to attempt to resell. *
Do you accept the terms noted at the top of this form? *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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