#LLBLOG Fashion & Accessory SWAP

Join your fellow #LLBLOG sisters, the Blog Trends Family, Southern California Lady Bloggers and fellow fashionistas at our first #LLBLOG Fashion & Accessory Swap to benefit the Downtown Women's Shelter. Hosted in a secret location of Downtown LA, on Saturday, June 16, between 11 a.m. - 5 p.m., attendees will be able to bring their clean and gently-used or new clothing and accessories, including purses, and swap them for items of their liking! Item's that are not swapped by the end of the event, will be donated to the Downtown Women's Shelter.


Step 1.
RSVP Below for us to send you the address to our secret SWAP location in Downtown LA.

Step 2.
Organize your clothing and accessories before you bring them to the SWAP. Place them in bags and label as follows:
- Bag 1: Accessories
- Bag 2: Jewelry
- Bag 3: Tops (not including jackets)
- Bag 4: Bottoms, including skirts
- Bag 5: Jeans
- Bag 6: Outerwear
- Bag 7: Dresses

(We are sorry, but at this time we are not accepting shoes, bathing suits, intimates, mens or children clothing in our SWAP)

Step 3.
Show-up on Saturday, June 16 between 11am-12pm to drop off your SWAP items, organized as listed in 'Step 2.' You will receive "Fashion Tickets" in the value* listed below for you to use towards the SWAP of any item that is equal in value, during the event.

Step 4.
Shop and mingle with your fellow #LLBLOG sisters and new friends!

Each item** brought to the SWAP will receive "Fashion Tickets" in the following amounts:
- Accessories: 2 tickets
- Jewelry: 2 tickets
- Tops (not including outerwear): 3 tickets
- Bottoms, including skirts: 4 tickets
- Jeans: 5 tickets
- Dresses: 6 tickets
- Outerwear, including sweaters and vests: 7 tickets
**Items not included above will be given a SWAP value on-site

NOTE: Item's are valued equally/the same at both the drop-off and when SWAPPED for new items.

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