Jess Dela Cruz for VP Events and Student Affairs

Hi all!

I am very thankful for all the support during my campaign for the 2021 SFSS election. Through this form I am asking for your pledge to vote, with your consent I ask you to please sign this form.

Voting will from Feb 16 - 18.

IF ALREADY FILLED: Please SEE CANDIDATES I AM RUNNING ALONGSIDE because I believe in their goals and values for students. DO NOT fill this form again.

IF FIRST TIME VISITING this form: To help us stay connected to you throughout the campaign, I am asking you to share your contact information with me. Please see candidates I endorse as well!

Here are the list of my endorsements!

1. President - Gabe Liosis |
2. VP University and Academic Affairs - Serena Bains |
3. VP Finance and Services - Almas Kaur Phangura |
4. VP Internal and Organization Development - Corbett Gilderselve |
5. VP Equity and Sustainability - Marie Haddad |
6. VP External and Community Affairs- Matt Provost |
7. VP Events and Student Affairs - Jess Dela Cruz |

Thank you!
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