Freechild Organizational Survey
These 10 questions measure perceptions of organizations relating to youth/adult partnerships. Additional information is at the bottom.

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1. In my organization, youth and adults trust each other beyond that typically expected in the youth-adult relationship. *
2. In my organization, an equitable balance of power exists between youth and adults. *
3. In my organization, youth and adults learn a lot from working together. *
4. In my organization, youth and adults respect each other. *
5. In my organization, youth teach a lot to adults. *
6. In my organization, youth have a authoritative say in planning. *
7. In my organization, adults take youth ideas seriously. *
8. In my organization, youth feel safe voicing their concerns. *
9. In my organization, youth are encouraged to express ideas and opinions. *
10. Please share any additional information here.
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These questions were adapted from Zeldin, S., Collura, J., Krauss, S.E. and Lucchesi, M. (Sept 2014) "Conceptualizing and Measuring Youth-Adult Partnership in Community Programs: A Cross National Study Article" in American Journal of Community Psychology 54(3-4).
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