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Applicants to the Permanent Diaconate Formation Program of the Archdiocese of Mobile must meet, or agree to, the following general criteria. These general criteria must be met, or agreed to, before applications will be considered for the program.

- Applicant must be a man in good standing in the Church, and a member of a parish for at least three (3) years. And the applicant must have lived in the geographical boundaries of the Archdiocese of Mobile for at least five (5) years, prior to application.
- If a convert, must have been a Catholic for five (5) years.
- Applicant must have endorsement and support of Pastor.
- Applicant must be at least 31 years of age; and no more than 62 years of age on the date that the Aspirancy year begins.
- Applicant must have a stable employment record and a fiscally sound financial history. And must successfully pass a financial background check.
- Applicant must be without a criminal record.
- Applicant must be free of canonical impediments or irregularities.
- Applicant must possess a minimum of a high school diploma from a school within the United States, or country of origin. (Grade 12 or equivalent)
- Applicant must be able to read, write and speak some English upon entrance into the formation program as determined by pastor recommendation. And applicants must clearly demonstrate progress in English language communication each academic year within the formation program.
- If married, applicant must have evidence of a stable and growing marriage relationship. And the applicant must be in a valid Sacramental marriage recognized by the Roman Catholic Church. His spouse must be willing to support her husband actively through formation and in his ministry.
- Married men must be married at least five (5) years and living examples of the Sacrament. And applicant’s wife must be living within the same household along with applicant.
- Married men with young children must not deprive their children of adequate quality time with their father, nor place an undue burden on their wives.
- Single men must be committed to a life of celibacy subsequent to ordination. And must show that you have led a life of celibacy for at least seven (7) years, prior to application.
- If widowed, applicant must have been widowed for at least three (3) years, prior to application.
- The applicant must show leadership qualities and possess a history of active participation in pastoral ministry in his parish.
- The applicant must show that he has the faith and compassion to strive to live the Beatitudes.
- The applicant must be in good general health and free of any chronic condition that may interfere with, or be aggravated by his participation in, the formation program and ministry, if ordained.
- The applicant must have a positive attitude towards the Church and is flexible in adapting to the future needs of the Church.
- The applicant must have a prayerful disposition.
- The applicant must be able to work collaboratively with men and women of all races and ethnicities.
- The applicant must be capable of committing to a minimum of one (1) day per month (Saturday or Sunday) for formation from August through April of the Aspirancy year.
- The applicant must commit to a minimum of 16-20 hours per month for classes and formation from August through April of the three (3) Candidacy years.
- The applicant and wife, if married must be capable of participating in a weekend retreat held at Spring Hill College (usually during 3rd weekend in May).
- The applicant must be capable of committing to independent studies at home not less than ten (10) hours per week.
- The applicant must be willing to make a life-long commitment to service within the Church.
- And the applicant must be committed to being obedient and meeting the changing needs of the Archdiocese of Mobile and his parish after ordination.

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