Teach Tech To All (TT2A) Toolkit Access Form
Teach Tech To All (TT2A) is an initiative formed by Tech+Me that aims to increase the accessibility of technology and computer science education, especially to low-income, underserved, and underrepresented communities. Our goal is to equip teachers, leaders, and changemakers with quality resources that make it easier to teach students to technology and computer science in an affordable and engaging way.

This access form must be filled out by the school/organization faculty member who is responsible for bringing technology education to their students. For more information about Teach Tech To All (TT2A), please visit this document: http://bit.ly/tt2a-info

After filling out this form, we will review it and do our best to get back to you as soon as possible. Once your form is approved, an email with a Dropbox link to our learning kit curriculum should be sent to you. Upon your approval, we will also be mailing you complementary Tech+Me stickers to share with your students.

IMPORTANT: The TT2A Toolkit Access Form and the TT2A Grant Application are separate. To apply for a TT2A grant, you must fill out the TT2A Toolkit Access Form first. Not everyone who fills out the TT2A Grant Application will receive a grant, but everyone who fills out the TT2A Toolkit Request will receive access to our toolkit.

Check out our other free curriculum, which requires the use of a computer, at https://techplusme.org/curriculum/
Questions or concerns? Contact us at info@techplusme.org
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How many kits do you plan on making/teaching?
Please tell us about your organization or school. What communities do you serve, how many students are in the free or reduced lunch program, and what are your community demographics? *
Why do you want to bring the TT2A curriculum (Tech+Me's Learning Kits) to your school/organization? How do you plan to implement it? (Optional)
Where did you hear about TT2A or Tech+Me? *
Referral: If you discovered TT2A thanks to an organization or an educator involved in TT2A, who is it?
By answering "Yes," you are agreeing to the following: I will not use the TT2A curriculum to make a profit. I may refer others to fill out this curriculum request form, but I will not directly share the TT2A curriculum with others or online. I will not claim the TT2A materials as my own. I will be legally held responsible if I fail to do the above, and my access to the TT2A curriculum will be revoked. *
By answering "Yes," you are agreeing to the following: I will provide updates on my TT2A-related work when I am requested to do so. This may include a short report/summary of what I've done, how many students I've impacted, or photographs (permitting that these photographs do not show any faces or if students have signed media release forms). *
By answering "Yes," you are agreeing to the following: I will ensure that my students fill out the accompanying survey to each curriculum module or learning kit that they complete. Failure to do so may result in my access to the TT2A curriculum being revoked. *
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