GENI-ACT Training Workshop
Are you ready to integrate authentic research into your classroom? Please provide the following information to request a training workshop in your area or at your institution. We will assign a GENI-ACT trainer who will contact you to develop your personalized workshop. Trainers will help you:

*Identify 8 or more participants in your area interested in incorporating authentic research in the classroom.

*Identify the best space at your institution or in your area to host the workshop (participant provided)

*Define and customize the content of your workshop based on the interests of your group

*Set the timing of your workshop. Workshops last 1-3 days depending on content

*Host the workshop and provide specific training

*Arrange follow-up workshops

(Participants provide a space for the group to meet. All travel and housing costs for trainers are provided by a grant from the National Science Foundation - Grant No. 1729944.)
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Let us know what you are hoping to accomplish in your workshop. What type of workshop do you prefer: Bioinformatics only, Functional genomics, Genetics, Biochemistry, or something else? We will work with you to create the workshop that best suits your needs.
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