SANTA CLARA CATHOLIC CHURCH Confirmation Survey (Youth program)
Currently at Catholic parishes within the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, the Youth Sacrament of Confirmation classes begin at age 14-15 (9th-10th grade). Most of the youth come after having received First Communion at age 9. There is a big gap of 5-6 years from First Communion to Confirmation. The purpose of this survey is for you to help us see if we can do a better job in the faith education of our children.

Note: This survey is directed to parents or adults.

If you have you received the Sacrament of Confirmation, what age range were you? *
Do you see our youth connected and practicing our Catholic Faith? *
What should be the primary goal of an effective Youth Confirmation Program? *
How can you tell if a Confirmation Program is effective? *
Do you see our youth wanting to come for Confirmation Classes? *
What do you think would be the better age to teach Confirmation to our children? (christian values, self-control, respect, morality, etc.) *
Who should be the primary educators of the faith formation of children? *
How important would you consider catechetical classes for parents?
How would you evaluate the mission of the Church reaching out to our children/youth? (youth ministry, bible classes, retreats, camps, etc.) *
Children in Catholic Schools: After years of Catholic faith classes, do you think your children would be ready to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation by 8th grade?
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