Homelessness Resource Fair for Providers - Registration Form
The 2nd Annual Homelessness Resource Fair for Providers will take place on Thursday, June 14 from 9:30 am - 12:30 pm (check-in and refreshments begin at 9 am) at Holyoke Community College, The Kittredge Center, Rooms 301-302. It is free of charge. This registration form will provide an opportunity for you to: (1) register to attend; (2) request provider space at a table to share your information and resources; and (3) express your interest in workshop topics.
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We will offer 40 minute workshops on 8 different topics (4 at a time in 2 groupings) starting at 10 am and ending at 12:20 pm. We will have the opportunity to repeat 2 of the workshops in the last time slot. The level of interest reflected in your answers here will help determine how we arrange the 2 sets of workshops. Please check the 3 workshop topics you are most interested in:
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Emergency Assistance and HomeBASE programs for families: how the state system works
Chronically homeless individuals: defining the term, why it matters, how "coordinated entry" makes a difference
Veterans: how to identify a veteran; how to access services for homeless veteran individuals and families
Youth/Young Adults: engagement practices and how to access housing and support services for youth/young adults
Domestic violence: how to access housing and support services for victims of domestic violence
Career Services: an overview of employment and training services and how to access them
Overcoming tenant screening barriers: an overview from Community Legal Aid on how to challenge housing denials
Opioid crisis and homelessness: a review by medical professionals of new approaches to the opioid epidemic, harm-reduction strategies and health system responses to care
Please list the 3 workshops you chose in priority order, most interest first, least last
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