Expression of Interest - Mentors / Role Models
“If I have seen farther, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.”
Isacc Newton, 1676.

Being a Mentor and/or Role Model as part of the Global Ambassadors Program is your chance to “pay it forward” by helping to inspire, support, and guide others as they walk their path to success.

What is the Global Ambassadors Project?
Global Ambassadors is a comprehensive, year-long experience program that offers youth 16 - 18 years of age the opportunity to gain new skills and experiences that will build their global competence. The programs also provides a platform for participants engage with local businesses, non-governmental organisations and governmental departments.

Who are GAP Role Models?
Respected leaders who are willing to donate a few hours of time engage with the Global Ambassadors to share experiences, answer questions and provide advice. Total time requirement: One 2-hour engagement on a single Saturday morning during the program, and possibly answering the rare email from the Global Ambassadors team if they need some advice.

Who are GAP Mentors?
These are individuals who may be earlier in their career/journey, but have already gained considerable global experience and are willing to help support the journey of their younger counterparts. Minimum time requirement: Attending one Saturday meeting session during the one year program to support and encourage the Global Ambassadors. Mentors may also occasionally be asked some advice or feedback from the Global Ambassadors. GAP Mentors are free to engage more often if they have the time and are keen to do so.

Want to know more? Download the Global Ambassadors Prospectus here:

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