2020 Census Pledge - Join as a Tribal Organization
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To ensure an accurate count of American Indians and Alaska Natives in the 2020 Census, the Indian Country Counts campaign will mobilize tribal leaders and a network that includes tribal organizations, volunteers, grassroots organizers, and others to build on the Census Bureau’s own 2020 Census outreach to Indian Country. Collectively, we will reach Native people to make sure they hear from trusted community voices that being counted in the census is important to our people, our nations, and our future.
Join as a Tribal Organization
Join as a Tribal Organization! Organizations with a national, issue-specific, or regional scope will be critical to this effort. Partners bring trusted and recognizable names, memberships, and their own networks of partners. As a tribal organization, you can be an advocate, convener, and active service provider.
Ways to Take Action
• Incorporate census education into conferences, meetings, and conventions.
• Options include exhibits, ad space, material distribution, workshops, plenary speeches
• Designate your office to serve as a Questionnaire Assistance Center or conducting a forum to help the members of the community complete their census forms.
• Create a Public Service Announcement (PSA) on the importance of census.
• Hang posters/flyers (from Census or IndianCountryCounts.org) in your offices, e.g. in clinics, housing authorities, and service provider offices.
• Use your web and email outreach to share the importance of the census.
• Post links and/or banner advertisements of the census, www.IndianCountryCounts.org, and hotline numbers on an
organizational website.
• Host a campaign training and/or meeting.
• Help get the word out by sharing on social media –Indian Country Counts and Census Bureau will be providing resources
and sample messages.
• Host workshops to prepare stakeholders to provide information to the community.
• Work with NCAI or the Census Bureau to tailor issue and constituent specific fact sheets.
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hereby pledge to join the Indian Country Counts campaign and execute at least three of the above ways to take action.
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