WCCC Tutoring - New Volunteer Application for Spring 2021, session #2
This will be our last 6-week tutoring session for the 2020-2021 school year. The tutoring will be for 6 weeks total, starting Monday, April 19th (week 1) until Wednesday, May 28th (week 6). The Cameron students come back from their spring break on April 12, and finish their semester on June 4th. Our tutoring session falls perfectly between this period with a one-week buffer zone between the start and end of their school.

Also, the students will be starting IN-PERSON at Cameron Elementary when they come back from break on April 12th. There are no anticipate conflicts, on our side, but please keep in mind that we haven't talked to the parents/guardians about conflicts yet. You will be kept updated with any absences or changes in the students' attendance.

Each new volunteer should fill out their own application. If you were a volunteer from the previous 6-week section, your information is already on file, and you will be contacted directly. You don't need to fill this form.
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