Pre-Registration for K-5 Summer Programs 2021
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Here is a list of the programs with a brief description that we will offer this summer. Please check ALL that you are interested in for your child/children that might attend. Please be aware that all programs are in-person and the tentative location will be in Prairie View. 1. Reading Tutoring Program (Grades K-5) 9-Week Commitment for every Tuesday & Thursday 2. Math Tutoring Program (Grades 3-5 ) 9-Week Commitment for every Tuesday & Thursday 3. Phonics & Reading Fluency Program (Grades K-2) 4-Week Program Commitment (June or July) for every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 4. Reader's Theater Camp (Grades 2-5) This program is every Saturday in the month of June 5. Arts & Science Camp (Grades K-5) This program is every Saturday in the month of July. *
How many children are you considering registering and what grades are they completing this year?
Cost of Programs/Camps
1. 9-Week Reading & Math Programs (every Tuesday & Thursday, starting June 8th, ending August 5th)
*30-minute one-on-one $360/child OR $360/9 weeks= $40/week
*1 hour small group (2-3 students) $450/child OR $450/9 weeks=$50/week
*1 hour large, small group (4-5 students) $360/child OR $360/9 weeks= $40/week

MATH (availability for openings are limited & only for grades 3-5 completed)
*1 hour one-on-one $450/child OR $450/9 weeks=$50/week
*30 minute one-on-one $360/child OR $360/9 weeks=$40/week
*1 hour small group (2-4) $360/child OR $360/9 weeks=$40/week

2. Phonics & Reading Fluency Program (for K-2 every Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday for one month- June or July options)
*1 hour (5-8 kids max per class) $240/child OR $240/4 weeks=$60/week

3. Reader's Theater Camp (For grades 2-5 every Saturday in June. There will be a performance at the end for families.)
*1-1/2 hr- 2 hrs (13 kids max enrollment) $100/child OR $25 due every Saturday

4. Arts & Science Camp (For grades K-5 starting July 10th and every Saturday afterwards July, possible Open House at the end)
*2 hours (20 kids max enrollment) $130/child OR $130/4 weeks=$32.50/week
The nonprofit organization, AMOL: A Message of Love, has partnered with T. Adair Enterprises, LLC to offer sponsorships at 25%, 50%, 75% and 90%. Understand that 90% or 100% sponsorship is only available if you have 2 or more children registered for our programs and will only cover one of the children and a percentage of the other child/children can be covered at various percentages. Are you interested in being considered to receive sponsorship?
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