Global Village Application Haus Wanderlust (German)
Part of the Global Village initiative on campus, Haus Wanderlust strives to unite the German language and the cultures surrounding it in a living experience. Residents come home to speak and hear German. Common areas in Haus Wanderlust give residents the chance to chat casually in German. Daily interaction, periodic meetings, and a range of planned cultural activities (including house meals prepared and shared twice a month by residents) enable students to explore their common interest in the culturally diverse German-speaking world and provide a place for residents to exchange stories about their personal experiences in German-speaking countries. Haus Wanderlust welcomes native speakers; non-native students who have lived, traveled extensively, or studied abroad; students preparing to study abroad; and students who have only recently begun to study German and want to learn more about German culture.

The Haus Wanderlust is located in Tussey Residence Hall.

The Haus Wanderlust shares a newly renovated Global Commons dedicated for use by the residents of the Global Village. The Global Commons is located between Tussey and Terrace Halls and features a central large area for big group activities and presentations and smaller areas for studying, small group meetings, and film viewing. Technology will include cable reception to receive television channels from around the world in various languages. The large shared kitchen provides space for cooking. Global Village residents have their own refrigerator/freezer in a separate room with plenty of storage for plates, pots, silverware, etc., for their use. The Global Village Lounge, adjacent to the Global Commons, is a private dining and lounge area for residents to share meals in large or small groups, use the flat screen television, and make coffee and tea. lounge area for residents to share meals in large or small groups.

Living and Learning Requirements:
The formal requirements for living in Haus Wanderlust include attending periodic meetings, actively participating in Global Village community activities through planning and implementing cultural events. Students are expected to attend dinners and speak in German with fellow residents. Domestic student residents/non-native speakers of German must enroll in a German course for each semester of residence. All residents – domestic student residents and native speakers--must either take Language in Motion for credit or serve as a volunteer for Language in Motion for a minimum of one semester. Residency privileges may be revoked at any time if a resident does not adhere to the policies and requirements outlined above.

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The residents of Haus Wanderlust share a variety of experiences and interests associated with the German language and the cultures of German-speaking countries. Some have lived in German-speaking countries, others have traveled there, and still others have enjoyed exposure to the German language and the cultures of German-speaking countries in this country. All share the desire to learn more and to share what they have learned with each other. *
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