Alamosa Family Recreation Center
2222 Old Sanford Rd,
Alamosa, Co 81101
Facebook: City of Alamosa Activities
Residency Status?
Are you currently involved with any of the Alamosa Parks and Recreation programs or leagues?
Where do you see information about the Alamosa Parks and Recreation most often?
Do you follow Alamosa Parks and Rec on Facebook?
Does the Rec Center offer sports/activities that you are interested in?
If you do participate in the Rec Centers activities, do you feel that they are reasonably priced?
Are the programs/activities that the Rec Center offers convenient to your schedule?
If you do participate in Rec Center activity/programs, how much time do you spend on a weekly average?
Are you aware of where the Alamosa Recreation Center is located?
If you were wanting to participate in a program or activity offered by the rec center, would you know how to register or get more information?
Do you have any children who participate in Rec Center leagues or activities?
In general, would you say that you enjoy participating in Rec Center activities?
Would you refer Alamosa's Park and Recreation to a friend or relative?
If you have been involved with the Rec Center, how satisfied are you with them and the services that they offer?
If you know little information about the Rec Center, Why do you think that is so?
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How do you feel that the Parks and Recreation could more effectively reach the public?
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