Satoyama Presents! Compost in the Cupboard Workshop

Compost in the Cupboard Workshop
Sat. July 28 2018, 1-3pm
Satoyama Homestead:

Build your own take-home worm farm in a 3-gallon tote while learning the basics of composting in containers, pens and 'in situ' as a lasagna garden. Learn about the importance of balancing green/wet and brown/dry ingredients, heat, and air, other worm care techniques, and why gardening is really all about the dirt. Waste not, want not!

Wear comfortable walking shoes or boots for a homestead composting tour.

This Satoyama Presents! event is free of charge. In-kind and voluntary donations are appreciated.
Suggested in-kind donations: Compostables; light labor (weeding, turf management)
Suggested voluntary donation: $15
Memberships are also available at

    Young at heart (13 and older)
    Kids (12 and younger)
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