LGBTQA Affairs Unicornship Peer Program Application for QT's
What is the Unicornship Peer Program
The Unicornship Peer Mentor program is a program designed for new WSU LGBTQA+ students to be paired with returning LGBTQA+ student mentors to access support in:
-Reaching personal & academic goals
-Building community & chosen family
-Learning more about how to navigate Wright State University as a LGBTQA+ student

Unicorn QT's: returning LGBTQA+ community members who will serve as possibility models for new LGBTQA+ students through their mentorship role. All Unicorns must apply to be a mentor and attend a 2-hour mentor training.
Pie's (mentee's): first year/ transfer/ new students to Wright State community. All Pie's need to apply to be a Pie mentee. All Pie's must attend a 1-hour mentee orientation to start in the program.
Why Unicorns & Sparkles? The "mascots" of the Office of LGBTQA Affairs are Q & T the twin Unicorns! A year after Q &T had joined the WSU LGBTQA chosen family they adopted a baby Unicorn which was named by the community Pie so together they make QT Pie the Unicorn Family!

How Long:
The Unicornship QT and Pie relationship is an academic year long commitment starting in September and ending in April. We will open applications for the next year during the spring semester.

Why Join?:
Education & Support is fundamental
Friendship & Community
Leadership Skills
Support in transitioning into a new community

What do Unicorn QT's & Pie's Do?:
Each mentor & mentee will be paired and will meet at the Uncornship orientation/kick-off event in September! At this event, you will be provided time and space to set personal goals for the semester that you and your QT or Pie want to achieve.

Chosen Name
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Phone number
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Year in School
What are you majoring in?
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What are some of your interests? ex: listening to music
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Do you live on or off campus
What other things, if applicable, are you involved in on Campus?
Your answer
What is your gender identity and/or expression?
Your answer
How do you identify your sexual orientation?
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How do you identify your race?
Your answer
Please list additional identities you hold:
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Fun Question: If you had to pick the best place to study, which would you pick?
Scale from 0-10, are you introverted or extroverted
Mini essay 1 ( 1-2 paragraphs ): Why do you want to be a mentor? What does being a mentor mean to you? What would you like to do to help assist your pie (mentee)? What are you goals in being a mentor?
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Mini essay 2 (1-2 paragraphs): There are many identities we do not hold. One thing we strive to do is be the best allies to those communities that we can be. What do you feel being an ally means and how do you do work towards that goal in your daily life?
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