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When & Where?

Between 11-19 April 2023

At rezi.dance Komařice, Czech Republic https://rezi.dance

EMPOWERmental is a retreat training dedicated to young professionals working with the notion of mental balance. The 7-day programme will introduce different art-based methods with the aim to work towards a more sustainable, stress-free society. During this training, participants will have the chance to try out different embodied artistic practices for improving their own mental balance. This experience aims to equip participants with useful and easy-to-adapt tools that can be introduced to their own general practice. The retreat training provided by Hungarian, Slovak and Czech experts introduce a holistic approach inspired by various performing art sectors (dance, theatre and music) as well as other fields such as yoga, breathing techniques and art therapy. EMPOWERmental aims to promote the importance of mental balance and well-being both in one’s professional and personal life.

For whom?

Our programme is open for any artist, facilitator, social and youth worker, mental health professional or anyone who aims to learn tools and methods to contribute to one’s mental balance and who aims to embed them into their own practice. 

We are looking for young professionals (aged between 18 - 30 coming from one of the partner countries: Hungary, Slovakia or the Czech Republic) working with a specific (not necessarily regular) target group aiming to support their mental health journey.

Selected participants based on professional experience and motivation will be supported to participate but a symbolic participation fee is required.

See the detailed open call: https://en.empowermentalproject.com/opencall 

As soon as possible

The project is supported by the International Visegrad Fund.

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In case of any question, don't hesitate to contact us.
E-mail: zigguratpro@gmail.com
Tel: +36702540744

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