Playbill Bio - Macbeth (Due April 4th)
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This is Rylie's seventh show at Ponderosa and her third time this year being part of the amazing Stage Management team. She wants to thank everyone who was a part of this show and putting everything they have into it. She has loved working on Footloose and hopes everyone enjoys!

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Parker Mayor Mike Waid is extremely exciting to be joining the cast of Footloose as Cowboy Bob. Waid has performed in several critically acclaimed roles (at least in his own mind) including Principal Gladhand in Inspire Creative’s production of West Side Story, a “hybrid” Robin & Dirty Peasant in Inspire Creative’s production of SPAMalot and Mr. Stahlbaum in the Colorado School of Dance’s production of the Nutcracker. His robust stage presence and epic facial hair has provided Waid with a memorable and unique persona which, combined with his “unique” singing ability, will surely move audiences to tears...of some sort.

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