Apply to Midihub Beta-Testers Program
We, the Blokas Team (, are looking for beta testers for our new stand-alone MIDI Event Processor & Router called Midihub. Fill out this form to apply. The registration will be closed on the 15th of July. You can read more about Midihub here -


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Midihub Intro
Midihub is a stand-alone MIDI Event Processor & Router. It has classic DIN-5 MIDI input and output ports, 4 of each, as well as a USB port for power and/or communicating with your computer and the Midihub Editor software.

Within the device all MIDI data flows through customizable MIDI Processing Pipelines, sort of MIDI effects, with extremely low latency and without involving any processing on your computer allowing you to integrate Midihub to your computer-less setup.

Using the Midihub's Editor you can program the device to process MIDI messages in any way you want. You can have 8 different programs/presets, which can be selected on the fly using The Button or assigned Program Change messages. The programming itself is based on a simple drag & drop graphical interface, so you will be able to dive straight in.

For example, you can program Midihub to split MIDI messages coming from your MIDI keyboard by octaves to control two or more different synthesizers, you can turn single MIDI notes to fancy chords, or send different divisions of the main MIDI clock to separate devices.

Midihub can be used as a standard USB-MIDI interface too!

Read more about Midihub here -

Program Intro
The goal of this program is for us to better understand your MIDI needs and to identify the main missing Midihub's features and overlooked bugs.

Based on your experience using Midihub with different kinds of hardware and software, we will do our best to further improve the Midihub before making it available to a wider audience.

Also, once the beta-test program is over, we will be sharing the end results with our community.

Based on your applications we will invite 15 people to join the program. Midihubs will be provided free of charge asking you to cover only a fraction of the shipping cost as a sign of your commitment. And of course you will be able to keep the device. :)

If you won't be invited, no need to be upset. All applicants will get a proper deal once the pre-orders for the Midihub are open.

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