Gremlins, Inc. - CLOSED BETA

Hello - and thanks for stopping by! In 2013, we started developing Gremlins, Inc. as "a nice little project", and after more than two years we finally arrived at the closed beta stage ;).

Gremlins, Inc. is a digital board game that offers a variety of tactical actions which can be combined in a number of ways. The primary focus of the game are the multiplayer sessions between 2 to 6 people (3-4 being the most fun). The sessions normally last between 30 minutes and 2 hours.

At the moment, the game is fairly stable and all of the core features are implemented. In the last 6 months, we played several sessions every day (Win/Mac) and it's great fun already.

Where we currently lack is in (a) proper tutorial - the in-game version is still a work in progress; (b) certain aspects of UI - while some parts are final and polished, some (e.g. Jail Window) are definitely just a placeholder; (c) AI (we have an Artificial Idiot who needs to learn a lot, before it's good enough to crush humans); (d) SFX/music - we're done with ~30% of all sounds effects at the moment; and (e) testing server load and matchmaking - we've never tried to have more than 10 people play at the same time in multiple sessions. There are also some extra features (character abilities, calendar, etc.) that we haven't added yet, and will not add until a few months into Early Access release.

With this form, we would like to invite you to play with us in the current beta, distributed through Steam, to help us with testing:

(i) the server(s);
(ii) the localisations (RU/EN/DE/FR/ES);
(iii) the UI;
(iv) the whole game for any sort of annoying bugs.

We will need you to chat with us on Slack, to file bug reports/suggestions on our forums, and to communicate, at all times, in English. In exchange, we can offer a full version of this game, a mention in credits, and our gratitude. If this all sounds good, please fill in the form below:
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