Margaret O. Bynum Scholarship Fund
The Margaret 0. Bynum Scholarship Fund was established to provide financial assistance to teachers of gifted children for additional professional development. The scholarship may be used to cover registration, travel, and/or lodging for a professional learning opportunity, or may be used toward training directly related to gifted education. Recipients must hold the gifted endorsement and are expected to provide service(s) to gifted students in Georgia for one school year after receiving the scholarship. Applicants must be a member of GAGC.
(Maximum scholarship award is $1000.00)

Recipients of the scholarship will be required to make a presentation at GAGC Conference immediately following the completion of the professional learning experience to:

A. Explain about how teacher training for meeting the needs of gifted learners has impacted his/her teaching and success with all students; OR

B. Give examples of strategies, resources, and/or skills acquired from the awarded professional development experience that have greatly impacted his/her teaching; OR

C. Provide examples of good leadership strategies learned from experience and gifted training.

The fund is supported by $2.00 from each conference registration and earned interest on the principle. The amount of the scholarship(s) granted to applicants will depend on the amount of funds available, the number of applicants, and the need(s) of the applicants.

Awarded scholarship funds will be paid directly to the recipient upon submission of a receipt that verifies registration for the event described in the application, the purchase of airline tickets, and/or hotel reservations. If the reimbursement of mileage is requested, a GAGC mileage form is required after the completion of the event. If circumstances necessitate direct payment by GAGC to the vendor, the recipient will coordinate these arrangements with the GAGC Executive Assistant.

Applicants must be members of GAGC and only completed applications will be considered. Nominations shall be completed online and submitted by November 28, 2021. Additional supporting documentation should be submitted via email to by November 28, 2021.

Funds must be used by August 31, 2022. If special circumstances arise that prevent the recipient from utilizing the award prior to this deadline, contact the GAGC Executive Assistant. Changes in this deadline must be approved by the GAGC Executive Board.

Teachers interested in applying for the Bynum Scholarship must submit the following online:

1. A completed application;

2. A letter of recommendation from the applicant's immediate supervisor highlighting the applicant's professional skills. The letter should be submitted to; and

3. A budget summary that provides estimated costs associated with the professional learning experience (registration, travel, lodging, course registration, materials etc.)
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