Dear British Amsterdammers,
In July the mayor of Amsterdam published an open letter to the 16,000 British citizens living in Amsterdam. It explained the city's action plan for supporting British Amsterdammers now and post-Brexit. Now it’s our turn to give a little back.

We want to help the city understand a bit more about us. So they know more about the people they are talking about when they talk to the Dutch, British and EU representatives during the Brexit negotiations. A bit more about our perspectives as citizens and residents, and the things that we care about.

So, if you are a British citizen living in Amsterdam, we want to hear from you!

What will we do with your answers?
1. We never publish any personal data (You can read our privacy policy at
2. We will share the anonymised results through an open dataset.
3. We will share the results with the gemeentee and with you.

You can follow progress via:

Thanks for taking part!

Julia, on behalf of

ps. You can read about the mayors letter here:

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