Graduate opportunities expression of interest

This expression of interest will be used to assess if you have the background suitable to undertake graduate studies in climate science, and if you would be competitive for a scholarship.

Note- this is not an official application, if your expression of interest is accepted you will still need to apply for admission and scholarship to one of our universities. You should receive feedback on your expression of interest within one month of submission.

Given Name
Country (if international)
Current institution
Proposed enrollment
Commencing (eg. Semester 1, 2018)
Have you been in contact with a prospective supervisor? If so please list their name.
Expressions of interest are encouraged in any area of the Centre’s research focus.Please provide a short (~300 words) statement of research interest:
Please list your academic qualifications (degree awarded, year awarded, awarding institution and country, thesis title if applicable).
Please list any publications
Please list any research related work experience, including dates
Will you be sponsored, e.g. by home government, Australia Award?
If yes, what is the name of the sponsoring institution?
Do you plan to apply for an Australian government scholarship, e.g. RTP?
Please upload your academic transcripts (including details of the grading procedure at your university).(Use the following format to name your file: Surname_FirstName_Transcripts)
Please upload your CV. (Use the following format to name your file: Surname_FirstName_CV)
Please upload copies of any publications. (Use the following format to name your file: Surname_FirstName_Publication)
For more information, contact Graduate Director, Melissa Hart at
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