SoCal Photoshoot/Model Sign-Up 2018
Hello! I'm hoping to organize some local photoshoots for new designs and am looking to compile a list of models! Local photoshoots would likely take place in the San Diego and Orange County areas, so please make sure you would have transportation available before submitting. This would be for one-on-one and small group photoshoots (separate from open call studio shoots and meet-ups), most likely taking place at public locations like Balboa Park and the beach.

If you had applied to the form I sent out last January for photoshoots, you'll need to submit this new form since it's been updated.

If you have an experienced photographer friend you'd like to shoot with, message me on Facebook or through the website and we can potentially set up a shoot. As is, I plan on being the photographer, but I don't mind passing the reins for small projects.

Please fill out the form below if you're interested in participating. I obviously won't be able to use everybody, but I would love it if I can manage at least one shoot ever month or so. I'll contact you if I think I have an upcoming shoot planned that'll be a good fit for you. Thanks for your participation!

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