Sewing Crafts Survey
This survey asks about sewing-related hobbies and shopping. Please complete the survey only if you live within driving distance of the east side of Cleveland, Ohio (Lake County, Geauga County, Ashtabula County, etc.). Please enter your email address and zip code. This info is used for purposes of organizing responses. Please complete and submit the survey one time only.
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Which of the following sewing crafts do you currently do? *
Which of the following crafts would you like to do/learn?
Which of the following crafts would you say is your main/favorite craft? *
How often do you spend time on this craft? (This can be time spent preparing materials or working on specific projects.)
What is your greatest goal or wish for your main craft? (For example: have more time to craft, learn more about the craft, take skills further, finish more projects, get organized, etc.)
Do you have a craft room/sewing room or other dedicated space at home for sewing/crafting?
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Do you own a sewing machine?
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Do you have an excess of unused items or items-to-be-used-someday such as patterns, fabric, and other materials?
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Please list any books, magazines, websites, blogs, or other favorite sources you read for sewing and crafting.
Do you belong to any groups, guilds, or organizations for sewing/crafting?
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Have you ever attended a class, workshop, or other event for sewing/crafting?
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Shopping for sewing/crafts
These questions ask about your shopping habits for sewing and crafts.
Which big business craft store do you visit the most?
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How much do you spend for your main sewing craft on a typical visit to a big craft store?
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Do you ever visit other brick-and-mortar stores such as a LNS (local needlework shop) or other small business/specialty shop for crafts and sewing?
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Please explain your main reason for giving the answer you gave in the previous question asking about small business visits.
Which of the following would you say are your top two reasons for visiting any craft store? (Choose two.) *
What products or brands do you purchase the most that are not available from big craft stores?
If you shop online, what websites do you purchase sewing/craft materials from? If you do not shop online, please explain why not.
Would you purchase secondhand sewing and craft goods (such as gently used patterns and books or unused fabric and yarn) that are in good condition and priced lower than big store products? *
Check any additional arts/crafts you do.
Use the space below to add any comments or other information you'd like to share about sewing/crafts hobbies and shopping.
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