Skateboarding Ambassador Program
We love Skateboarding, our members love skateboarding, and a lot of the broader community also love skateboarding.

For a very long time, the main ambassadors and role models of skateboarding have been coaches.

We understand that skateboarding is very broad, from using it for transport, to competing, to skating the streets and socialising with friends.

As part of this understanding, we are looking for people who have a love for skateboarding, and would like to be ambassadors for skateboarding in General.

With a good foundation and positive view to the public of skateboarding, this will help develop more skateparks, more open conversations around skateboarding in the streets, more events and programs and an overall positive outlook for skateboarding in Australia.

If you would like to see how you could be an ambassador in Australia, please fill out the details below.

*People of all ages can apply to be an ambassador.

*As these roles develop, we will be looking at having support for these ambassadors such as store discounts, free products and more.

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