Holy Mass Attendance Request

The current public health order limits public worship attendance to 50 people. So that we can manage this limitation please complete the form below to request to attend a Saturday Vigil or Sunday Mass. To allow the opportunity for as many people as possible to attend Mass only one registration per person can be accepted.

As per government regulations, the names and contact details of each person attending the church must be recorded so completion of this form is mandatory if you wish to attend Mass in person. If you would like to request to attend with family members each member of the family (including children) will need to complete a separate registration form.

Please note that completing this form and selecting particular Mass times does not guarantee that you will be able to attend that Mass. We will contact you with details of how and when you will be able to attend.
I have read and understood the conditions listed above. *
I UNDERSTAND THAT THIS REGISTRATION IS FOR ONE PERSON ONLY AND DOES NOT INCLUDE ANY FAMILY MEMBERS (separate registration forms are required for additional family members). *
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