Solomon For Congress Fellowship Application

Our Fellowship Program is perfect for students (high school and college) or other individuals who want to get in-depth experience with a progressive grassroots campaign. If you want to jump into progressive politics, now is your chance.

Here's what our fellowship will look like:

•12-15 hours per week for fellows; 8-12 hours per week for interns; unpaid position; hours are flexible

•Opportunities to excel and take on leadership roles in various aspects of the campaign like field, communications, and fundraising. Fellows will get priority for leadership roles.

•Letters of Recommendation will be given for strong performance
Fed up with the status quo? Apply to be a fellow!
Application should take less than 1 min- don't overthink it :)
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If you interview for this internship and accept the position, you understand that you are signing up for a 12-15 hour per week commitment for the fellowship or a 8-12 hour per week for the internship. *
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