Ocean Health Stakeholder Engagement Survey
The objective of this survey is to gather understand the needs and concerns of stakeholders with interest in the ocean and coastal domain, and gather preliminary information for an identifying effective approaches for improving the management of marine resources for human well-being. This process seeks to bring together and analyze the social, economic, and ecological elements related to the oceans.

The information gathered through this survey will help identify the most adequate policy and science approaches to engage stakeholders for setting targets, establishing indicators, measuring ocean health, testing management options, reaching agreements, and implementing those agreements. This information will be used to help inform decision-making regarding ocean management, and to prevent or resolve associated conflicts, improve resource allocation, and identify priorities.

This survey between 10-15 minutes to complete. The information you provide is confidential and anonymous, and at this stage will be used solely for analytical and scientific purposes. You contributions are highly valuable and appreciated, as it will allow for the development of an OHI assessment that better reflects the needs of various stakeholder groups. Please feel free to share this survey with partners, colleagues, and anyone you feel can provide valuable information to the process. Thank you!
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