Draft: Sign-up form to meet with a lawyer at City Life/Vida Urbana's online meeting Tuesday 10/20 6:30-8:30 PM
This is a draft of the form template that we can begin using next week for people to sign up in advance on Tuesday nights to meet with an attorney. Please let me know any feedback or changes you would like me to make.
Name *
Email address
Phone number *
Will you be joining the zoom meeting from the zoom app or will you be calling in to the meeting with the phone number? If you are able to use the zoom app, we recommend it so that you can see the screen and access the chat. *
If you are joining via the zoom app, do you know what name is listed on your zoom profile? If you know, please write it here, especially if it is different from your first and last name above.
What languages do you speak? *
Are you working with or in contact with a CLVU organizer or intake worker? If yes, please list their name. *
Have you attended a CLVU Tuesday night meeting before? *
Have you met with a lawyer or law student at a CLVU Tuesday night meeting before? If yes and if you remember their name, please write it here. *
Have you ever worked with Greater Boston Legal Services, Harvard Legal Aid Bureau, or Harvard Legal Services Center before on your current case or a prior case? *
Were you referred to CLVU by another organization? If yes, what organization?
What is your current housing situation? *
Please briefly describe the housing issue that you would like to speak with a lawyer about. Please include any specific questions that you have. *
Did you receive an eviction notice?
Clear selection
Do you have a lease?
Clear selection
Do you have a court date scheduled? If so, when is it?
If you have a case in court already, do you know what court it is in? Please write the name of the court if you know.
Is there any other information you would like us to know?
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