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A. In signing this application I/we acknowledge a commitment to the following:
1. To accept teacher and administrative authority.
2. To support the Christian philosophy of education as taught at SPCS.
3. To support SPCS policies as stated in this application and the student handbook.
4. To participate in fund-raising projects.
5. To actively participate in the Parent Teacher Fellowship. (PTF)
6. To provide tax-deductible gifts to the school as God leads and provides.
7. To follow God’s line of authority: When differences exist, we will first go to the person with whom we have a problem. If it is not resolved, we will go with the person to his/her supervisor. (Matthew 18:15-17)

B. If I/we choose to withdraw or are requested to withdraw the applicant from the school, we are responsible to pay the tuition and fees for the month in which we do so, as well as any remaining balance of fees.

C. I/we understand that final grades, diplomas and report cards will be retained by the school until accounts are paid in full. Report cards will be held at the end of each grading period if accounts are not current.

D. The applicant may participate in scheduled field trips and other school-sponsored activities.
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