Yale Local 33 COVID-19 Concerns from Grad Student Workers
Local 33 remains committed to organizing and advocating for the needs of graduate student workers at Yale in the face of the myriad challenges the COVID-19 pandemic presents for our work and our health, our families, and the academy.

It is clear that the current disruptions to our everyday lives, academic research, coursework, funding, and teaching will be ongoing and complex. We want to ensure that the Yale administration takes proactive, equitable, and transparent steps to mitigate the effects of this crisis on all members of the university community.

To that end, we invite you to complete and share this survey:

For more information, visit http://www.local33.org/ or email us at 33@yaleunions.org
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How is COVID-19 affecting you? How is it affecting your work?
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What resources or policies do you need, or anticipate needing, from Yale? Some topics to consider are beside the checkboxes below.
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Please indicate if any of the following are of particular concern to you or Yale grad student workers you know:
If you would like to elaborate further on any of your selections, please do so here. Any additional information you can provide is helpful in understanding the impact of COVID-19 and university policies on graduate employees.
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One of the main concerns we have heard so far is that university responses to COVID-19 have lacked clarity and uniformity. Is this of concern to you? If so, how?
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We would like to use this survey to share ideas among graduate student workers, advocate for resources and policies from the university, and to demonstrate how COVID-19 is impacting us and our work. Can we follow up with you about your response?
If your response or concerns are urgent, and/or you require immediate assistance, please check this box. (please make sure you provide contact information)
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Are there any resources or ideas for fellow grad student workers that you would like to share?
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