The Jam Project 2021 - Buddy Application Form
Are you between 21 –28 years old and looking for an opportunity that provides self -development and meeting like-minded women, whilst learning skills that will enable you to be buddy to a female in Year 9?

Then the Jam Project is the perfect fit for you!

The Jam Project is a unique program powered by The National Council of Jewish Women Vic (NCJWA Vic). Heading into its fifth year in 2021, this project pairs a Year 9 female participant with a trained buddy. Training specifically for your age group has been developed to hone in on your skills in communication, interaction and relationship building. Important life skills for everyone!

Additional group sessions with your matched participant are conducted throughout the year on relevant and current topics crossing over both age groups – often with guest speakers. Fortnightly ‘catch ups’ with your matched participant, allows relationships based on trust and respect to be formed. This can provide a safe space in which meaningful conversations and interactions can occur. The regular and consistent contact for the match inspires the development of confidence, self-esteem, resilience and leadership skills in both yourself and your match. This program is one of mentorship thereby providing a solid base for confidence and leadership in your future!

Take the leap and get involved in a program that not only benefits you personally but in turn benefits others.

All information in the application form will remain private and confidential. Please complete all mandatory sections of the form. If you have any questions about the program please contact: The Jam Project co-ordinator Naomi Swart on: 0413 456 348 or email:

Objectives of The Jam Project:
The Jam Project, (2017), aims to empower adolescent females in their transition to adulthood. The Jam Project has identified that providing emotional support and connection during adolescence can foster a sense of self-worth, self-belief and independence. The program addresses pivotal stages and topics that often require support during the teenage years. Echoing the vision of NCJWA Vic, ‘powering women and girls for a better world’, The Jam Project aspires to strengthen and empower young women in their development, fostering future leaders.

Your commitment:
- Attend all training sessions (times to be confirmed for February 2021)
- Commit for the twelve-month period
- Fortnightly catch ups with your match
- Attendance at all group sessions
- Attendance at all group supervision sessions throughout the year
- To report to The Jam Project Co-ordinator after your fortnightly catch ups

What will you get out of being a buddy:
- Professional training to be a volunteer conducted by The Jam Project
- Support a year 9 female participant through her journey of adolescence
- Enhance your own interpersonal relationship skills

- Application forms will be evaluated by The Jam Project
- Interviews will take place for potential buddy applicants
- Interviews will be evaluated, and successful applicants will be selected
- Buddies will then be matched in February 2021

- Working With Children's Check
- Police Check
- References
- Character Reference who has known you for 12 months or longer. E.g. Teacher, lecturer, neighbour, family friend.
- Professional Reference. E.g. Employer, Volunteer Co-ordinator
- Please note, if you are going to provide a Youth Movement reference, we require a Shaliach/Head of Movement as reference.
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Date of Birth: *
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Emergency contact - name, phone number and relationship to you: *
Relationship status *
Describe your current working/studying status (include details) *
What school did you attend? *
What are your hobbies and interests? *
Have you worked / volunteered with youth in the past? Please describe your experience in this area *
Identify 3 characteristocs in yourself that you see as your strengths *
Identify those areas or themes in which you would like support *
Identify a meaningful experience you went through as an adolescent. Please describe what it was, why it was meaningful to you *
Idenitfy a challenge or concern you faced as a adolescent *
What strategies did you use to support you through this challenge *
Describe your family structure *
Do you all live at the same address? *
Is home a positive place for you? Please discuss *
Was school a positive place for you? Please discuss *
Have you ever been in contact with a psychiatrist, psychologist or family counsellor? If yes - when and have strategies been put in place to support you moving forward? *
Have you currently or in the past struggled with any of the following personal conditions: *
What attracted you to apply as a buddy for The Jam Project? *
Your role as a buddy will require you to be introspective. How do you think your values align with the program's objectives? *
The Jam Project is a special program and whilst we would love to cater for all buddies, we do have limited spaces. Please describe how you will manage the commitments/requirements for 2021 (training, fortnightly catch ups, jam sessions, professional development) *
The Jam Project will take place for the duration of a year. Do you plan on taking any holidays/going away in 2021? *
I Consent to photos/videos of myself being taken by NCJWA Vic for a variety of public relations, communications and promotional activities relating to the Jam Project.
Clear selection
Please select the days of the week and times that best suit your schedule (select as many as possible): *
Requirements and Referees
Please provide the contact information of two referees. One reference should be a character reference (who has known you for longer than 12 months) E.g. Teacher, neighbour, family friend, lecturer.

Second reference should be professional. E.g. Employer, Volunteer Co-ordinator. Please note, if you are going to provide a Youth Movement reference, the Shaliach/Head of Movement is required.
Character Reference (name, phone number and email) *
Professional Reference (name, organisation, phone number and email) *
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