FALL 2019 Registration: Ages 10-12
Thank you for your interest in Brigham's Playhouse Theatre Academy. We believe these classes will not only be fun but also provide life-changing experiences. For descriptions of each the classes please click this link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/14xbmMDLqf3ktUBgwWR5QYXvflTqtgZo4/view?usp=sharing
or call the box office (435-251-8000). Please fill out the questions and register for the class or classes that you are interested in. We will contact you later to collect your registration fee, to set up a payment plan, and have you sign a contract.

Classes Run from Sept. 16 - Dec. 21
Oct. 17-18- Fall Break
Nov. 28-29- Thanksgiving
Showcase will be Dec. 17
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Musical Theatre: Heightening
Youth Acting (Ages 10-18)
I understand that I am signing my child up for the entire four month experience and that I will need to pay either the Up Front Payment in Full or Monthly Tuition rates based on the number of hours per week that my child is enrolled in for all four months regardless of whether my child attends the entire session of classes or not. *
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