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1.What time___school finish today?
2. Victoria___into her new house next week.
3. The graph shows___most popular forms of entertainment.
4. Over 35% of___people aged between 15 and 25 watch TV after dinner.
5. We'll cut___the park.
6. I really need to talk ___David.
7. Lenny’s worked here ___2005.
8. ___you pass me that pen, please?
9. It___be raining when we arrive.
10. He’s a person___Karl admires a lot.
11. “Have you___tried spicy food?” “Yes, I have”
12. “Have you seen the book___I had?
13. They___to know better.
14. You’re out of breath, have you___?
15. ___the other hand, some people believe it is right.
16. There are___different opinions on this matter.
17. I didn’t know the guy___phone you borrowed.
18. Stuart___to walk to school.
19. Did you___play sports when you were really young?
20. I went to shops___some milk.
21. Sarah likes___up early on Saturdays.
22. The film is available in___Bluray or DVD.
23. ___of my parents wear glasses.
24. ___of the players has her own racket.
25. You___never swim on a full stomach.
26. Yes, I___Angela yesterday.
27. They’ve been playing football___hours.
28. You will hear this recording___.
29. It has been a tiring game for___players.
30. “Where’s Sam?” “I don’t know where she’s___.
31. This process___how wheat is cultivated.
32. There___a considerable discrepancy between married and single people in 2008.
33. Did you___go to London Road primary school?
34. Do you need___anything today?
35. You___late for class.
36. She___shopping three times this week.
37. She___dance for hours on end.
38. If I’ve lost my phone, I’ll___another one.
39. When you heat wax, it___.
40. We were watching TV when the phone___.
41. If I had___him, I would have said hello.
42. I’d have noticed something___wrong if I had been there.
43. They have___each other for ages.
44. They have___a lot of each other recently.
45. Oh no! I have___my keys.
46. How long___in this house?
47. She might be___a place in Cambridge.
48. The garden is___by my neighbours.
49. The thief is being___by police.
50. By the end of the century people___on other planets.
51. We___every shop in the high street.
52. I'll give you a ring when___work.
53. She's___to be there by seven.
54. You look___you have seen a ghost.
55. Were there___people as you anticipated?
56. I didn't eat___I wasn't hungry.
57. ___it was late, we decided to go home.
58. ___the class would prefer extra homework.
59. ___she ate a lot, she was very slim.
60. Some people___that this is immoral.
61. ___, I feel that this is not the case.
62. The figures of employment remain___.
63. In 2009 there was a___and noticeable difference.
64. Sorry I can’t, I’ve got too much work___.
65. She’d go there on her own if she could,___she?
66. If it___a problem, we’d rather stay a little longer.
67. He’s having his bicycle___tomorrow.
68. She regretted___him the whole story.
69. There are___as many people here today.
70. You didn’t make that story___, did you?
71. He should always wear those green trousers, shouldn’t___?
72. If you'd seen it, you___have cried.
73. Oh, you've___your teeth whitened again.
74. Do these clothes need___?
75. Most people are taxed around a___of their pay.
76. Hopefully they won’t hold it___you.
77. This photo___back memories of last summer.
78. I bumped___your mother in town this afternoon.
79. I'm next,___I?
80. We found that outside, didn’t___?
81. We’d have been really surprised if___won.
82. If you studied for the exam, you___need my help.
83. "It's late" - He said it___late.
84. We went shopping - “They said they___shopping.
85. I don't mind___first.
86. You’re the best person___about classical music.
87. There are___parks in Cambridge than there are in London.
88. It takes___an hour by car.
89. You might have a___of minutes to check your answers.
90. I really don’t know, I haven’t got___clue.
91. She earns enough to get___.
92. I'd be very grateful___you could keep the noise down.
93. We'd like to___business in China.
94. What's the matter___you?
95. The school decided to do___with one hour lunch breaks.
96. My older sister always tried to stick___for me at school.
97. After a lot of careful thought, she reluctantly___to go along.
98. We categorically___those allegations.
99. Work your___through those excercises.
100. You've made me lose my___of thought.
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