SERIOUS Booking Info for Ayo&Teo
The prices that are listed below are for serious inquires ONLY. If you don't have the intent or the ability to pay for the service please do not fill out the form as you are taking away from others.

Due to the high number of inquiries that are received on a daily basis and those wishing to book Ayo&Teo for specific events, we are streamlining the requests based on past conversations. If you fill out the form, and a management consultant contacts you, we are expecting that you will be able to make a deposit/payment at the time of the call. The information that you submit will be used to guide that phone call.

Please fill in the fields below to submit a booking request. Filling out this form does not mean that your event has been selected. This form will be used for one of the managers to contact you regarding your event.
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Price List (serious inquiries ONLY)
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