CVCC COVID-19 Needs List
We know not everyone is prepared to be away from school and the resources you access here.

Please check off or add any items your family may need. You can add specifics to any category. I can’t promise that we will be able to get you what you need, but we can try.
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Please check off any items that you and your family might need. Also, you can write in additional items under the "OTHER" category. If you do not need anything, you do not need to check any boxes off.
You can also come back and fill out this form on another day if a need arises early this week.
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What to do if you have needs we can’t meet...
Remember, in an emergency, 911 is always an option. 211 is another number you can call to be directed to community resources that can help.

Food: local police may be able to deliver food from the pick up points that are designated by schools. Either contact your school or the police if your family is low on supplies and cannot get to a pick up point.

For trouble at home and needing a safe place to stay:
Youth Service Bureau- 229-9159 (you can call 24/7)

Domestic abuse hotline: 1800- 228-7395
Sexual Violence hotline: 1800- 489-7273
Abuse of a minor- 1800-649-5385

Be prepared for additional emergency issues, like the power going out. Talk to your family to make a plan for how you will contact each other, who will be responsible for your pets, and where you keep important documents, like health insurance cards and IDs. Make sure you have 3 days worth of food and water available.

Teachers, administrators, and students supports like Ms. Seng and Ms. Fuller will be available by email on school days during normal school hours. All staff will get phone messages through their emails, so calling the school number (476-6237) is a good way to reach out if email is not an option for you.
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