BigWayCamp 2020 with Brian Cumming
Skydive Pink, Klatovy, Czech Republic

Thurs 30th July - Sun 2nd Aug
(warm up jumps Weds 29th - heavily recommended if you are less current than normal)

No stress. No blame. Just skyvans from 14k. O2 jumps maybe. Balloons available. :-)
Oh yeah.

Your slot is only confirmed on receipt of the registration fee. Reg fee: £140 (only £35 per day for expert coaching and external camera slot - equivalent to less than 4 mins tunnel). Under 30 discounted to £95. In full time education discounted to £75 (£18.25 per day - equivalent to less than 2 mins tunnel!).

Photo by the talented Mr Tom Shorten.
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Mobile number
We will probably use a whatsapp group for event updates. No spam. Announcements only. And my hilarious jokes. Obvs.
How many jumps do you have? *
How many tunnel hours do you have? *
Approx no of hours. Tunnel super charges your learning experience.
What's the largest formation you've attempted? *
Doesn't have to be a completion. Just trying to understand how comfortable you are around other canopies.
Why are you coming?
Are you interested in an InnHopp on one of the evenings?
Likely cost: a jump ticket +EUR45 includes food, a drink maybe 2, music, transport home
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Would you like to stay with the group in the same hotel?
Or not, DZ bunkhouse is a cheaper option. Camping is cheapest. The super nice hotel from 2018 & 2019 may not be available. :-/
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Will you be around for the warm up jumps on Wednesday 29th July?
Free LO available. No charge for LO this day.
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Will you be around for the Boogie style fun jumps on Tuesday 26th May?
This is no longer formally happening. :-(
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What year were you born in?
We are trying to open the skies for younger bigway jumpers and would like to monitor our progress.
I have paid the registration fee
Brian Cumming (£140/£95/£75) to SORT 404762 ACCOUNT 7817 3087. If you have flown tunnel with Brian, please note this is a DIFFERENT account to Brian's tunnel account. EURO account options or card options also exist.
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Is there anything we should know or anything you want to tell us?
Or just tell us something funny.
Would you like to hear from the LO team?
No more than one email per month. We love GDPR and GDPR loves us. We will look after you and your data.
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Did you see the payment details above? Repeated here just in case.
Brian Cumming (£140/£95/£75) to SORT 404762 ACCOUNT 7817 3087, thanks. Contact me for EURO account or card payment links
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Total Jumps. Did you see the minimum required to attend?
You need at least 50 jumps post FS1 to register.
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Currency Jumps and Tracking Teams. Did you see the minimum requirements?
You will need to do at least 5 jumps in the one month prior to the event, of which at least two jumps must involve tracking team practice. (pre-C19 requirements 15 jumps in 3months prior)
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Tunnel. Did you see the minimum requirements?
Minimum 1.5 hours total tunnel, of which at least 20mins in the three months preceding. Tunnel super charges your learning experience. (pre-C19 requirements 1hr tunnel in the 3months prior)
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02 jumps and Balloon jumps. Did you see the minimum requirements?
O2 jumps and Balloon jumps require C licence (or a logbook showing 200 jumps).
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