Submit your Fuckup for the @FuckupWall
Welcome to our online submission for the virtual @FuckupWall on Instagram!

If you've been to a Fuckup Nights Toronto event, you know the Fuckup Wall is a staple. It's a place where our community can share their failures in a low-risk, visual, and fun way. Now, our famous Fuckup Wall has gone virtual so everyone can participate safely while social distancing.

Do you have a Fuckup you want to share with the Fuckup Nights community?

1) Grab a sticky note and marker ◻️🖊

2) Write your Fuckup! Keep is short and sweet 🤗

3) Take a close-up photo of it 📸

4) DM it to us on Instagram @FuckupWall or share anonymously below 👇

*If you don't have sticky notes at home, you can create a virtual one by downloading the Post-It mobile app or using this post-it generator:

We can't wait to see the epic Fuckups you share with us!

Fuckup Nights Toronto Team
Anonymous submission: 🤐 1) upload your Fuckup post-it note on 2) select "Private Upload" 3) share the link with us below!
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