Sant Joan a Aarhus

[Information in English below]

Midsummer day, Saint John, Sankt Hans... el 24 de juny (i la revetlla el 23) se celebra de moltes maneres arreu del món.

A Catalans a Aarhus celebrarem un Sant Joan anticipat i tots hi esteu convidats.
Serà el dissabte dia 21 de juny, a partir de les 17:00, al mateix lloc on vam celebrar la botifarrada l'any passat, al bosc al voltant de Tankrogen. El pla - sempre que la metereologia acompanyi - és fer barbacoa per sopar, amb coques de postres!

Siusplau tingueu en compte que Catalans a Aarhus proporcionarà les barbacoes i logística (plats, coberts, gots) i les coques de postre, però cadascú ha de portar el seu menjar i beguda.

Preu: 30kr/persona

Si a algú li ve de gust col·laborar fent una coca, feu-nos-ho saber i ens organizem!

Anirem afegint informació a mesura que s'acosti la data, però de moment reserveu-vos el dia!

Esperem veureus allà!

Midsummer day, Saint John, Sankt Hans... 24th June (and the night of the 23rd) is celebrated in different ways all around the world. It is also an important date for the Catalan culture, not only in Catalonia but also in Valencia and the Balearic Islands.

At Catalans a Aarhus we will celebrate an early Sant Joan (Sankt Hans) and you are all welcome to join.
It will take place - as long as the weather allows it - on the evening of 21st June at a location in the forest around Tankrogen. We will start at 17:00 with BBQ/grill for dinner, followed by "Coca de Sant Joan" for dessert.

Please be aware that Catalans a Aarhus will provide the grills and logistics (paper plates, cups, cutlery) and the dessert, but you are all supposed to bring your own food and drinks.

Price: 30kr/person

If anyone would like to help making a Coca, please let us know and we will organize everything!
We will be adding further information as the date gets closer, but as for now, save the date!!!

We look forward to seeing you there :)
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