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Asime Partners team will review all submissions and respond to SMEs within 2 weeks. We provide funding, networks and hands-on support to our SME Partners, when selected. If this is you, fill in the form below.

This form will take about ~10-15 minutes
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Please help understand your team composition, working experience and expertise
Team: Please share short bios on each of your founding team members. Write short founder summaries (1 sentence) and include a Linkedin profile *
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Level of Traction
Please help us understand the level of traction the company has in the market
Level of Traction: how much annual revenue is the company generating (Cedis, GHS)?
Level of Traction: What is the gross margin of the company? *
Level of Traction: What is the net profit margin of the company? *
Level of Traction: Summarize your key metrics and traction (if applicable). Include # of customers, revenue (in Cedis), and annual growth rates in the latest period *
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Fundraising: How much money has your company raised so far (Cedis)? *
Fundraising: How much is your company looking to raise now (Cedis)? *
Fundraising: Please share any information about what the money being raised would be used for (e.g. working capital, asset acquisition etc.)
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Fundraising: What kind of instrument would like to raise ? Debt/Equity, Convertible etc. *
Pitch Deck: if you have a presentation or document, please share the link to download it (e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive, Docsend,, Canva etc.) (include: http://)
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Pitch Deck: if you face any issue, send your deck to:
Thank you for making the time to answer those questions. We will be in touch. Asime Partners
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