Back-to-Basics Motorcycle Safety Workshop
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Please be aware that class sizes are restricted to 20 to 25 persons. Sign-up early to reserve your space. If the class is full we will notify you when new courses are available in your area.
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4B. Would you like to do your motorcycle license examinations through Back-to-Basics Workshops? *
Please study the Road Code! Be aware that all the usual government documentation is required for you to be eligible to do exams through BTB. If this is your first driver's licence, you will need to pass the Road Code (written) exam in order to earn your motorcycle license!
If "Yes", please indicate your parish of residence.
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We recognize that some motorcyclists have difficulty reading or are afraid of reading exams. Person's who answer yes to this question will receive assistance as best as possible.
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This training is free. Any donations will be put towards the costs of hosting these workshops across the island, to include food, transportation and course material.
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