D14 Speakers Bureau Application
Use this form to Sign-up to join D14 Speakers Bureau. Applications will be forwarded to the committee for Review. The committee chair will contact the applicant to schedule the speech audition.
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List your areas of expertise/knowledge area that you would like to be group by. Note. examples include (but not limited to): Leadership, Health & Wellness, Goal Settings, Training & Development, and Business Etiquette
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You will be required to present a 20-25 minute audition speech. During the audition the review committee will evaluate you in several areas. Complete the information below by describing the approach and the scenario that your are setting for your audition speech.
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What is the Theme associated with your Audition Speech
Note: During the audition you will be given a presentation in front of a panel. The scenario will be that you have been scheduled/booked to speak at an event. You get to decide your topic and theme
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