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Please read our GM FAQs (a link to the FAQs can be found at the top of this form) before submitting your event. Check the 'I Agree' box below to indicate that you have read our GM FAQs.
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The name of the person running the event.
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The title of the event as it should appear in Warhorn, the online event registration system.
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The main system used for the event. Examples: D&D 5e, Savage Worlds, Pathfinder, Star Wars d6, Mansions of Madness, Pandemic: The Cure, Workshop/Panels and etc.
Maximum number of Players *
The maximum number of players that can participate in the event. If you need a minimum number of players, please note that information in the Event Description.
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The event date(s), start time(s) and how long the event will run. If you are running the same event multiple times, please list the additional times here as well. Convention days: Friday (7/17), Saturday (7/18) and Sunday (7/19). Events can start as early and must end on Sunday.
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Select the level of knowledge/experience with the system desired to participate in the event.
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Describe the event and provide any additional information the players should know or bring in order to participate in the event. This will be included in Warhorn, the online event registration system.
Minimum Age *
Please provide the Minimum age for the event, whether due to game content or being able to understand the rules. N/A for not applicable is also acceptable.
Virtual Tabletop Technology *
The list below are the options available in Warhorn. You may use any technology that you want. Please make sure that you update Warhorn Event Session details with any changes needed to these items.
Virtual Tabletop Technology - Follow-up *
Provide the details for the selected Virtual Tabletop Technology here. For Fantasy Grounds Classic, we need a Server and Password (optional); For Fantasy Grounds Unity, we need GM name and Password (optional); For Roll20, Google Slides and Other options please provide the share link to the site (Example: https://myvtt.com/join/12345); For Board Game Online System, provide the URL of the site or the details for what will be used;
Use this field to convey any additional needs, accommodations, or information for the event to the organizers.
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