Exciting Partnership with Local Non Profit!
Be a part of an exciting new non-profit documentary initiative celebrating motherhood and families!

Liv Lyszyk, a recent graduate of the Photography Program at Kendall College of Art and Design, in partnership with a new family-focused non-profit are looking for families who are interested in being photographed in their daily lives for a whole day and having their photographs featured on the non-profit website.

We are looking for families who are experiencing their first pregnancy and those with one or more children under age 5 years old
We are looking for 5 families in total who together represent a diversity of families in our community
We are looking for families who are comfortable in front of the camera

What you will receive (a $800 value):
A consult with Liv before the photoshoot day
Digital copies of all final images from the shoot
Support and open communication

More about the Non-Profit:
Values: health equity, creativity, empathy, empowerment, credibility, realness, and respect

Vision: Our vision is a society that empowers, respects, and supports mothers and their families in achieving their health goals.
Mission: Our mission is to increase access to high quality nutrition and breastfeeding information and support resources that provide positive experiences for families.

Organization Approach: 1) Connecting moms/families to a network of moms/families and information; 2) giving moms/families a voice; 3) giving providers a path to become "mom-approved."
For more information, contact Martelle Esposito at martelle.esposito@gmail.com

All photos will be taken in a tasteful and artistic manner. By agreeing to participate, all members of the family understand that all final editing and presentation will be left up to the discretion of the artist. Some photos will be selected for use on the new non-profit website at the discretion of the non-profit.

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What is your family’s race or origin? Please mark all that apply. Also, please write in specific races and/or origins in the box provided. *
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Please answer one or more of the questions below. We encourage you to answer as many questions as you feel comfortable answering.
What are you most proud of about your family and being a parent?
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What do you find most challenging about being a parent?
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What do you like to do for fun together as a family?
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What does a typical day look like on a weekday and on a weekend for your family?
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What is your family’s approach to healthy food and feeding routines (including breastfeeding and infant feeding)?
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What are your family’s favorite foods?
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Are you a working mom/dad, a stay-at-home-mom/dad or somewhere in between?
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Describe your parenting approach.
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Anything else that is unique about your family that would be helpful for us to know?
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Thanks so much!
We will be reviewing all survey responses and will be in touch with those who we'd like to work with. All families will be considered so please don't feel like your family might not work. If you have any questions please email Liv or Martelle with the contact info at the top! Thanks!
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