Fortress Games Market Survey
Survey for use in Canada Media Fund application
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1. What is your age?
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What gender do you identify as?
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Please specify your ethnicity:
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Which gaming platform do you use most often?
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How often do you play video games on your preferred platform?
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How many new video games do you purchase per year?
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What types of games do you play on a regular basis? (Choose all that apply)
Which of these video game franchises are you aware of? (Choose all that apply)
Considering the following game titles, please rate your interest in purchasing a new title in the franchise?
Not at all interested
Slightly interested
Moderately interested
Very interested
Extremely interested
Splinter Cell
Far Cry
Metal Gear Solid
Mass Effect
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What elements of a game attract your attention first? (Select up to 4)
Do you enjoy earning and unlocking trophies/achievements in games?
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What kinds of trophies/achievements have the most value to you as a player?
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Are you interested in post-game completion statistics about your playthrough? (e.g. playtime, enemies defeated, number of deaths etc.)
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Do you support the integration of NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) in videos games?
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Would you support the integration of NFTs into a game if the intention was NOT to create a market for buying and selling?
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