East Stroudsburg Area School District Title I Parent Survey - Spring 2019
Please take a few minutes to complete this needs assessment. Your responses will be used to improve our school programs. Information collected for this survey is anonymous and will be used for statistical purposes only. Responses will be summarized and analyzed in order to plan for next year. The estimated time to complete this survey is 5 minutes.
Please tell us about your child (or children).
Please note, if you have children in more than one school building, please feel free complete an additional survey for another building.
School my child attends: *
Grade level: (check all that apply) *
Tell us about your child's school.
Strongly Agree
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I feel welcome when I visit the school.
The school encourages me to be involved in my child’s education.
The school’s primary focus is improving student learning.
School communicates its goals effectively to families and the community.
Teachers make adjustments to meet my child’s individual learning needs.
My child feels safe at school.
The school staff listens carefully when I express my opinions or concerns.
The school encourages me to volunteer in the building and/or join school planning/review committees.
Teachers and school leaders show they care about all students.
The school (or district) offers workshops that help me understand the learning needs of my child(ren) and strategies for working with my child(ren) at home.
Please answer the questions below regarding parent and family engagement in your child's school:
I reviewed the school's Title I Parent & Family Engagement policy when it was sent home with my child in the fall (or on the school's web page). *
If you reviewed the Title I Parent & Family Engagement Policy, how satisfied are you with the plan to involve and engage parents and families in the school community and their child's education?
Please list any suggestions you have for changes and or additions to the policy that you would like to see for next school year.
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Did you participate in and/or attend any of the following school activities this year? *
If you did not attend any workshops, please specify what prevented you from attending (check all that apply): *
To assist us in planning informational sessions for next year, please indicate which topics you would be most interested in learning more about: *
The best way to communicate with me or my family to let us know about upcoming school events is (please choose one or two): *
Building/District Accountability Feedback
What do you think the school or district is doing well in support of student success? *
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What do you think the school or district needs to improve in order to increase student success? *
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Please leave us any comments, questions or concerns below:
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